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Calling All Pineapples

Here at Twenties + Adulting, we affectionately refer to ourselves and our readers as pineapples. The pineapple is also our official mascot.

You can learn more about why we are so fond of pineapples in the intro letter here!

If you are interested in contributing to Twenties + Adulting, please click here.

How You Can Engage With Us

1. Read our content, comment on posts, and tell your friends!

We are so thankful every time that you visit our website, and even more grateful every time that you share the love by telling your friends about what we have going on here! We also love hearing from you in the comment sections, so always feel free to share your thoughts.

2. Follow us on Instagram here and like us on Facebook here.

We love Instagram, we love Facebook, we love pineapples, and we love you!

So stay up-to-date on our newest posts, meet our contributors, and have a few good laughs with some relatable memes and photos of pineapples by connecting with us on social media.

3. Ask us your life questions!

Trust us when we say that none of us here at T+A think that being in your twenties is anything less than crazy, fun, maddening, weird, surreal, and amazing all at the same time. So when you have burning questions relevant to other people in their twenties– no matter how big or small the topic, or how serious or silly– write to us at life@twentiesandadulting.com. We genuinely want to hear from you! (See the guidelines below.)

Guidelines for write-ins:

Serious inquiries only, please. No trolls! That’s just annoying for everybody.

You can literally ask us anything. We will not judge you. We only ask that the questions that you ask are relevant to other people in their twenties.

We will respond to your questions in a post format without including your name. All submissions will remain anonymous, and your name and contact information will remain confidential and unpublished.

When you write-in, please title the subject line of the email.

4. Send us your feedback!

If you have general feedback that you would like to share with us, please email editor@twentiesandadulting.com.

Check back soon for more ways to engage with us! As we are brand new to the scene, there is much more to come very soon…

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