Best Instant Pancake Mix

A Very Simple Breakfast Recipe

Ladies and gents, with the same kind of unsolicited passion that I expressed in my article on the best frozen pizza brand I think money can buy you, I am here today to let you know about what I have personally determined to be the best instant pancake mix ever.

If you love pancakes, breakfast, and simplicity in the mornings, I think you’ll really appreciate this pancake mix too. You will also love it if you are down for both savory and sweet pancakes.

Best Instant Pancake Mix

The award for Best Instant Pancake Mix goes to:

Kodiak Cakes

Click the pic to get the mix en route to a kitchen near you!

Four reasons why I am dubbing this the best instant pancake mix ever:

1. Kodiak Cakes are crazy easy to make (spoiler alert: you only add water), and cleanup is minimal.  

Sometimes, you simply want to quickly put something together without having to pull out and then put back multiple ingredients. Kodiak Cakes makes this easy because to make the pancakes you need just two ingredients. One is water and the other is the mix.

2. By pancake standards, this is actually a very healthy instant pancake mix!

The Kodiak Cakes Super Foods mix is made with all natural, non-GMO chia seeds, flax, quinoa, oats, and wheat. Additionally, one serving contains six grams of protein, and sixteen percent of your daily fiber needs. Compare all of this with other instant pancakes mixes, and it becomes pretty clear that Kodiak Cakes Super Foods mix has a true added nutritional bonus compared to its competitors.

3. You can enjoy these pancakes with savory or sweet toppings, as the rich flavor of the pancakes tastes great with both.

When I first tasted Kodiak Cakes Super Food mix, I loved the flavor profile and was reminded of crepe dishes I have had before. Since then, I have added everything from chocolate chips and strawberries to thinly diced ham and Swiss cheese into my Kodiak Cakes. No matter what I add, the pancakes still taste amazing. This added flexibility and fun has made this mix a staple in my pantry.

4. They are forgiving.

Like you may or may not have heard me mention before, I am really bad at cooking. I like these pancakes a lot because no matter how I cook them, as long as I don’t completely burn them (one time I did accidentally set a pancake on fire, but that’s another story), they always taste amazing!

Need I say more?

If so, here is one more bonus: this mix can also make waffles!

If you are looking for the best instant pancake mix, do yourself a favor and try making Kodiak Cakes Super Foods pancakes. I have a feeling you will enjoy them just as much as I do!

Have you tried Kodiak Cakes Super Foods mix before? What did you think?

Have another instant pancake mix that you really like? Opinions on what should and should not go on top of or inside a pancake?

Don’t deny us your thoughts! Sound off in the comment section below.

Peace and Pancakes,

Lauren King Savage



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